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About Us

Since the world is a global world goldenworldhack plans to make life more easy,with our hacking tools/software we will give maximum services and support

Our Mission

We are anonymous hackers, we are here to help you solve your problems with our hacking techniques, so the society can know hackers are not threat to the society….don’t just hire hackers, hire the genius group of tripletrade.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make hacking  system more Eco friendly


We evolved from a group of computer science grads to one of the most effective hacker groups on the globe. We are constantly evolving to stay ahead of developing security trends, while providing highly innovative exploits such as the remote Geo-fencing hacks, full mobile cloning and remote access hacks. Despite distance, language, technological and human barriers, we still maintain incredible success rates.


Goldenworldhack work together with expertise to serve you better.

We do not condone time wasters, bargaining(New clients),filthy language, spamming or advertising on our site as this is meant for business.

$500 FOR $5,000 (Bank Hack)

$350 FOR $4,000 (Western Union Hack)

$300 FOR $4,000 (PayPal/Xoom Hack)

$500 FOR $5,000 (CashApp/Venmo Hack)

Yes. We use an intermediary who we make the transfer to who then relays it to the Client. This ensures you receive Clean Funds or can receive shipped items even from your doorstep.

Western Union Hack: 30min to 1hr (After confirmation of payment)

Bank Transfer: 1-2 Business days (After confirmation of payment)

Shipped Goods: 1-2 Business days (After confirmation of payment) NB: Tracking link in 20 min

Blank ATMs: 1-2 Business days (After confirmation of payment) NB: Tracking link in 20 min

Tested Fullz: 25 min (After confirmation of payment)


We have associates that we deal with on a percentage basis. To be considered, you must have transacted with us at least 15 times and then you can request for this.

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